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 I was thrilled to receive the wonderfully preserved Bellarmine jug today. It is a fine piece. It arrived, expertly and securely packaged, so that there was not the remotest chance of damage to it. It arrived, too, more or less on the date you predicted. Many thanks for all your information about the jug. The photos were helpful. Your comments eased my worries re customs duty, shipping etc. I'll be back.    Alan Conn
 I am glad to give Mr. David Gonzales my highest business recommendation. Over the past three years or so I have purchased from him three bronze breech-loaders. Mr. Gonzales has always actually exceeded my expectations with the cannons I have purchased from him. He is very knowledgeable and deals only in genuine antique artifacts and stands behind every sale. I personally believe him to be totally honest and reliable.    Daryl Wilmoth