Ernesto Che Guevara La Habana Bell

Item # nau0007

This marked brass bell "Ernesto Che Guevara La Habana" was possibly a ships bell which was undoubtedly a revolutionary bell made and used for the Cuban Revolution in Cuba in 1958-1959. The bell was found by a scout in Panama Central America who was hunting for antiquities in the local villages.

Che Guevara was an Argentine Marxist, revolutionary physician, author and intellectual guerrilla leader. He was killed in Bolivia in 1967 by the CIA and has become a legend. 

The bell measures 12" high with a diameter of 12". It is marked with an impressed anchor and a 2 C inside the anchor. The letters and numbers on the front of the bell lip are impressed and read "SHF 88302" The bells patina suggests that the bell would have to be between 45-50 years old.