Gilded Bronze Hindu Deities " Vishnu and Garuda " 9AD-13AD

Item # asi0018

These two beautiful gilded bronze statues come from a private collection. They are of " Garuda and Vishnu " and one standing of " Vishnu " and date to 9AD-13AD. They were both dug under the foundations of an old village home in central Indonesia many years ago and would have been buried by the occupants of the home during the " Classical Period " in Indonesia 7th-15th century with the conversion of Hinduism and Buddhism to the religion of Islam. The gilded bronze statues measure Garuda and Vishnu 22 cm or 8 3/4" tall and Vishnu 26 cm or 10 1/4 high" Comes with a written report from Graham C Morgan curator of Ancient History and Archaeology Department of the University of Leicester, London.

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