Large Rare Substantial Bronze Chinese Buddhist Temple Alter Stele " Classical Period 7th-13th Century East Java Indonesia "

Item # acc0054

        Rare large bronze Chinese Buddhist alter stele standing 26" or 66 cm high and 22 1/2" wide or 57 cm and weighting 125 lbs.The alter stele has ten 18kt gold gilded Buddhas mounted on the stele all displaying the Buddhist " Mudras " hand gestures.The alter stand was found in a village close to Jambi,Plalembang,East Java Indonesia during the excavation of an old Buddhist temple dating back to the " Classical Malayu Period 7AD-13 AD East Java Indonesia " The alter piece probably came over with early Chinese Buddhist traders who lived and traded in East Java and Malaysia during the " Classical Period " in East Java and Sumatra. Because of its size it was most likely used for worship in the local village temple.