Rare substantial Transcendental Seated Bronze Gold Gilded Buddha " Classical Period 7th-13 century East Java Indonesia

Item # acc0053

  A rare substantial seated gold gilded alter Buddha dating from the late 8th century Malayu " Classical Period 7AD-13AD East Java Indonesia. The Buddha is in the padmasana ( Sitting Position ) with his hands making the Buddhist hand gesture Dharmacakra Mudra " The turning of the wheel of law" and is sitting on a high double lotus bed with a bronze head aureole ring behind his head. The Buddha measures 15 3/4" high or 40 cm and has been gold tested to 18kt and would have been part of a alter display. The Buddha was found is a village in Muara,Jambi,South Sumatra Indonesia and comes with a certificate of authenticity from " Wisma Antik"