Rare Large Rare Size Bronze 12 AD Chinese Buddhist Altar Stele

Item # acc0050

    Rare large bronze Chinese Buddhist alter stele standing 22 1/2" high with eight gold gilded Buddhas, gold tested to 18kt.This stele was found in the remains during excavation of an old ancient Buddhist temple which was dated to the Classical Period 7AD-13AD "  East Java Indonesia. It was found in the Village of Lumajang,Candi Puro and might have come over to East Java during the " Classical Period 7AD-13AD with early Chinese traders who used it for private use in a shrine or in the local village temple . The stele measures 22 1/2" tall 57 cm x 17" wide or 43 cm and weights 105 lbs and was purchased by a private collector in 1970 at a Asia Arts auction in Singapore.